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Monday 23rd of September 2019
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semi synthetic 4 stroke marine outboard
Rock Oil MP Plus semi synthetic engine oil is specially designed for
use in all modern 4 Stroke outboards. MP + Sport has recently been
reformulated and improved and has attained the prestigious NMMA
FC-W accreditation. With all new modern 4 stroke outboards requiring
this specification, MP + Sport can be used with confidence in all 4
stroke outboard applications where NMMA FC-W is required.
MP plus has been blended from the highest quality base oil with stateof
the art synthetic additives to withstand the rigours of the marine
environment. It provides excellent protection from start-up, even in
the lowest temperatures, to the high operating temperatures of high
revving 4 stroke outboard engines. The advanced additive technology
gives maximum protection whilst reducing deposits and corrosion on
all components, ensuring longer engine life and optimum performance
in all conditions.
It is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel outboards where a
10w30 or a 10w40 engine oil is recommended.
It meets or exceeds the following specifications:
Available Sizes: 210L Barrel/25L Drum/5L Poly/1L Bottle.

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