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Thursday 6th of August 2020
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Ratio Click System: 18 or 20 mm
Red spot on the eccentric drive means 18mm
position of the ratio click system, while black spot identifies 20 mm position.
RCS system function
By RCS system – Ratio Click System – you can pass from one configuration to the other
modifying the lever ratio, adjusting it to the different characteristics of usage and riding.
Moto GP floating piston
Dia.19mm piston, seals and push rod are the same as the master cylinders used by the
majority of MotoGP and SBK riders: very reduced manufacturing tolerances and excellent
Master cylinder Body
The master cylinder body is in aluminium alloy, produced by forging and then CNC
machined by lightening milling.
Hard anodizing has been chosen for the superficial finishing.
Brake lever
The lever is made of two main components: the racing lever drive and the lever itself,
folding and manufactured by forging.
A special housing has been designed for the stop rear light mechanic micro-switch, for
street usage of the master cylinder.
Lever contrast springs
High load springs to guarantee the constant contact between the eccentric drive and the
push rod, resulting in safety and longer life of the various components.
Clutch master cylinders dia. 16mm
It’s called 16RCS the clutch master cylinder which makes the most of all the technologies
used in the brake master cylinder, with the holes axis variation established in 16mm and 18mm